Rickmansworth Police Station opening hours

Kevin Snow13th August 2012

Police news release

Changes are being made to the front counter service in Rickmansworth Police Station to better reflect public need.

The front counter service at Rickmansworth Police Station, which operates in the reception area of the joint building of Three Rivers District Council in Northway, have reduced by half an hour Monday to Thursday.

The new times will be 9.30am – 5pm Monday to Friday (the desk is closed at the weekends and on bank holidays).

Closer to town, improved service

Rickmansworth Police station relocated into Three Rivers House, Northway, Rickmansworth on February 8, 2011. The move saw, police officers and Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) from Three Rivers Safer Neighbourhoods team, detectives and staff from the Local Crime unit and the Community Safety Unit locate to the offices.

Co-locating with a partner agency, such as a district council, enhances the Constabulary’s ability to work together on joint projects and day-to-day work to improve community safety.

Police Station at Three Rivers House, Northway, RickmansworthThe move resulted in police being closer to the Town Centre enabling the station to be more accessible to the public. Sharing services with the council also meant that police were able to increase opening hours compared to when the station on Rectory Road was open.

Chief Inspector for Three Rivers, Catherine Akehurst said:

“Previously the front counter was open until 5.30pm Monday to Thursday. However, the vast majority of people were using the desk during the day and there wasn’t a need to keep it open for that last half an hour.

“The way people access our service is also changing, reducing the need for people to go directly to a station. Most people prefer to contact us by phone and we are also using new technology, including email and mobile access to police national databases, which means it’s becoming less necessary for people to need to visit a police station in person.

“However we are committed to ensuring the service we provide meets the needs of the community we service and if anyone does have concerns they are welcome to raise it with us.”  

Billy Hall, Head of Customer Services at Three Rivers District Council added:
“Prior to the police relocation to Three Rivers House the front counter service at Rickmansworth Police Station was available for only 18 hours per week. We are pleased to be working closer with the police and proud that we are providing our residents with increased access to their services.

“Having reviewed the patterns of visitors to the police front counter since relocation, we have identified that there is not sufficient requirement for the service to be provided after 5pm.  The revised opening hours will still provide residents with an increased service (37½ hours per week) compared to pre-relocation.

“For members of the public who require police assistance in Rickmansworth outside of our opening hours there will still be a police phone located just outside the entrance to Three Rivers House, which will connect them immediately to the force communications room.”