Three Rivers District Council and Thames Water Authority Work to Combat Rats

25th March 2004

Three Rivers District Council and Thames Water Authority Work to Combat Rats

Residents of Three Rivers are asked to refrain from parking on manhole covers throughout the District until the end of April as the District Council, in conjunction with Thames Water Authority, is carrying out sewer baiting treatment in areas where rat populations are high.

Rats are on the increase nationally and complaints coming into the District Council's pest control service reflect this. The number of incidents of rats gaining access to properties via sewers has also increased.

"A sewer baiting team will be out in force district-wide, checking the sewer manholes in the road and laying poison bait, so please help us by keeping those areas clear", says Gloria Gillespie, of the District Council's environmental health team.

"Tackling the problem of rats is everyone's concern as they carry a number of diseases which affect humans. Rats are attracted to a food source or somewhere they can shelter and breed, so do your bit to discourage them. With the co-operation of residents and joint work with Thames Water, we hope to combat this problem.

"Council properties with cast iron soil vent pipes (the drain pipe which normally extends above gutter height) are now being fitted with a wire balloon to prevent rats, which may be present, from climbing out and entering the roof space. We advise residents in private properties to also consider fitting wire balloons to their soil vent pipe," says Ms Gillespie.

If you experience a problem with rats, the District Council provides a pest control service. Contact our Customer Service Centre on 01923 776611 to arrange a visit.