Planning Your Future: District Council tackles challenge of new development

07th August 2007

Following the Government's announcement that Three Rivers will have to find extra land for homes over the next fifteen years or so, the District Council has prepared new plans to involve the local community.

Portfolio Holder for the Environment, Councillor Martin Trevett, said:

"While we are very concerned about having to find more sites and we think the numbers are excessive, we need to make sure they go in the places where they can best be accommodated. We carried out consultation in 2006 and are now asking our communities for their views on where the extra development could go."

Three Rivers is faced with the challenge of how to accommodate some 4000 new homes between 2001 and 2021. Taking into account what has already been built and what is already in the pipeline, the District Council still has to find sites for around 900 homes in the district.

A number of possible locations for new housing development in the district is being put forward. While every effort should be made to use land within the built up areas, particularly previously developed sites, other parts of the district will need to be considered as these sites begin to dry up. This includes sites on the edge of the urban area, some of which are within the Green Belt.

The District Council has now prepared three new documents for public consultation:

1. 'Planning Your Future: New Issues and Options'

  • Suggested areas for new housing, employment and retail development.
  • New policies to safeguard the environment.
  • Plans to make sure school places, health and leisure, water supply, refuse disposal and other important facilities are available.

2. 'Sustainable Communities'

  • Sets out good practice for tackling climate change.
  • Shows how new development can reduce harmful global warming through appropriate design, energy and water efficiency and waste reduction and recycling. It can even help to prevent local flooding.

3. 'Open Space, Amenity and Children's Playspace'

  • Sets out good practice for providing open spaces and children's play areas as part of new development in the district.

There are difficult choices that the District Council needs to make. Full details are available on the Consultations page of this website and documents can be inspected at the District Council's offices in Rickmansworth and all public libraries in the district.

Have your say by commenting on the consultation documents, using the questionnaire provided.

We look forward to receiving your views on items 2 and 3 above by Friday 31 August 2007  and on item 1 by Friday 14 September 2007.