Local families praise real nappies

PR 58718th April 2006

Ahead of national Real Nappy Week, which takes place 24 - 30 April, a survey of users of Three Rivers District Council's innovative real nappy cashback scheme has highlighted encouraging results.

The survey asked parents why they chose to use reusable nappies and what they have found to be the benefits of using them.

Over half of respondents said they chose reusable nappies as they were environmentally friendly, with a third also giving saving money as a reason.  Other benefits found by the local families included reducing nappy rash and less shopping - and some parents also found that using real nappies helped with potty training.

Sarah Realmuto, a local mum who responded to the survey and won a £20 Mothercare voucher by doing so, said:

"The cashback scheme is a great way to encourage parents to try using real nappies.  Using real nappies has saved me money, saved me trips to the supermarket and my son looks cute in them.''

The District Council will have an information stand and display on real nappies in the Harlequin Centre, Watford, on Tuesday 25 April as part of Real Nappy Week.  Families from Three Rivers can also enter a prize draw on the day to win one of two 'nappy trials' from the Nappy Trial Service, enabling them to try out real nappies on their children at home.

The stand is a partnership between Three Rivers, Watford and Hertsmere Councils, all members of the Hertfordshire WasteAware Partnership who part fund the nappy cashback scheme.

Three Rivers District Council's cashback scheme offers families £80 cashback if they use real nappies and join a nappy laundering service for 6 months, or £40 cashback if they buy and launder their own.  To find out more contact 01923 776611 or email