Kitchen pods go live

27th October 2014

Around 60 tonnes of kitchen waste were collected in the new silver coloured ‘pods’ after the Council’s latest recycling changes went live two weeks ago. Kitchen waste used to be collected with garden waste and reports from recycling staff suggest an increase in food recycling as a result of the changes.

Three Rivers’ lead member for public services, Phil Brading, said:

kitchen-pods-go-live.jpg“The new scheme encourages the recycling of food waste in a convenient way. It’s difficult after just one week to be precise about the numbers, but if this level continues residents will recycle over 3,000 tonnes of food waste each year.

"This is clearly more than would have been collected under the previous arrangements, when it was part of the mix in the brown bins. Every additional tonne of food waste diverted from landfill is to be welcomed.”

Phil added:

“Residents have told us how much they value regular collections of food waste, and we remain committed to our weekly service.”

A practical video on reducing food waste and saving money has been produced by Waste Aware and is available here... 

More information about the Council’s recycling and refuse services is available here...