Fly tipper prosecuted for dumping waste in Chalfont Lane

18th May 2016

Three Rivers District Council prosecuted another fly-tipping case at St Albans Magistrates’ Court last week (Wednesday  11 May 2015).

Mr Eferson Torres, was successfully prosecuted for the illegal deposit of a large quantity of household waste including cardboard boxes, packaging and furniture in Chalfont Lane, Maple Cross Rickmansworth . Mr Torres pleaded guilty to dumping this waste having been paid by a householder in Moor Park to take it away and dispose of it legally. The court ordered the defendant to pay £1950, which included a fine of £600 compensation to the landowner for clear-up costs and costs to the Council. Mr Torres had told the Council in interview that he came from Portugal and he thought that if other people dumped waste in Chalfont Lane, he could do that too and he needed to empty his van for work the next day.

Deputy District Judge Stuart Miller said ““Whatever civilized country you choose to live in, people would take the view that you cannot dump waste on someone else’s land. You didn’t know what was in the load and fortunately it was nothing toxic. You caused great inconvenience to Mr Sherriff the landowner because you could not be bothered to wait to make proper arrangements with the Council tip.”

Phil Brading, Lead Member for Public Services, said “Fly tipping is a significant blight on local environments, a source of pollution; it attracts vermin and is a potential danger to public health and a hazard to wildlife. Fly tipping also costs significant amounts of public money to clear away, which could be better spent elsewhere. Call the Police on 101 and report as much detail as you can about the offenders and their vehicle.”

Information about fly tipping is available here and waste disposal and collection is available here or by contacting us. You can report fly tipping to us in confidence on 01923 776611 or