Advice regarding snow conditions affecting Hertfordshire

10th December 2017

Police in Hertfordshire are issuing the following advice in light of the on-going extreme weather and difficult road conditions which are anticipated to extend through to Monday, December 11.

Weather forecasts anticipate freezing road conditions overnight which, despite extensive gritting of the county’s roads, will still make driving potentially hazardous.

Hertfordshire County Council’s gritters and snow ploughs have been out several times overnight and this morning and have spread more than 1,000 tonnes of salt across the county's roads since midnight. However the salt won’t melt snow or ice instantly and treated roads can still be dangerous.

Police and Hertfordshire Highways would like to thank the vast majority of motorist who have driven sensibly in the prevailing conditions.

We’re issuing the following advice during the extreme weather:

  • Avoid non-essential journeys and only drive in heavy snow or icy conditions if you really have to.
  • At evening and morning peak commuting times employers and individuals should considering staggering their journeys.
  • If you have to travel you should reduce speeds, allow extra time for your journey and leave a greater distance between you and the car in front. 
  • Motorists should also ensure windows and lights are clean and free from snow or ice cover before they set off.
  • You should ensure that you have warm weather proof clothing with you, as well as food and drink and, ideally, a shovel and torch.

During the period of adverse weather the demand on the emergency services understandably increases and people are asked to avoid contacting the police unless it is an emergency. Please consider using our range of online reporting options when contacting us about a non-emergency