Residents rate customer service, says District Council survey

PR 57822nd March 2006

Residents in Three Rivers can call or visit the Council with confidence. That's the verdict this week as a new customer survey showed very high levels of satisfaction with the Council's Customer Services Centre, which includes the Call Centre and One Stop Shop.

The survey, carried out between November 2004 and December 2005, interviewed local residents who telephoned the Call Centre or visited the Council in person, to find out their views on the service they were given.

Overall satisfaction levels with the One Stop Shop were over 98%. Just under 100% of respondents agreed that staff were well-mannered and polite, helpful, listened and gave attention. Over 99% agreed that the time taken to answer their queries or complete their transaction was acceptable.

In the Call Centre, overall satisfaction levels were 86%. 95% of respondents said that staff spoke to them in a polite and welcoming way and 90% said that explanations given by staff were easy to understand.

The Council's Customer Services Centre Manager, Billy Hall, said:

"We are delighted that our residents are happy with the high quality, professional service we provide. The Council provides a wide range of services for local people and it's only right that they can have any questions or queries about them answered quickly, efficiently and thoroughly."

One number is all residents need to get in touch with the Council with any questions, queries, comments or complaints - 01923 776611.

The One Stop Shop at Three Rivers House, Rickmansworth, enables residents not only to make enquiries about any aspect of the Council's services but also pay bills, receive advice, report faults, and more.

The Customer Services Centre receives over 1,000 enquiries every day.

Information on the Council's services and a range of interactive facilities are also available on the Council's website at