Protect Yourself, Protect Your Friends

15th July 2007

Last year, a group of teenagers local to Three Rivers District Council banded together to create a community Safety leaflet entitled 'Protecting Yourself, Protecting Your Friends'.

Following immense success, the leaflets, published in a pocket-size 'Z-Card' form, are due to be re-released in the next couple of weeks to the youth of Three Rivers.

The pocket-size cards are small enough to fit in a wallet, handbag or jacket discreetly, containing invaluable information and advice on keeping yourself and your friends safe. The cards also provide a variety of useful numbers for teenagers to use to call for advice on anything from bullying to Governmental issues in their area.

15 year old Charlotte James, a teenager living in Three Rivers, said:

'I've found the Z-Cards a really useful tool when I'm out and about with my friends. I've always been conscious of the dangers that face our generation and this funky leaflet helps me stay safe - and to keep my friends safe too. Its size is perfect, fitting into my handbag discreetly, and I've found the space at the back to write down numbers for emergencies and licensed taxis invaluable when I'm trying to get home after an afternoon of shopping! I really recommend them.'

Councillor Roger Seabourne, Portfolio Holder for Community Safety at Three Rivers District Council, added:

'The youth of our area are very conscientious and see community safety as a key issue. It is a credit to the community that such a useful and helpful leaflet can be produced by local teenagers in conjunction with Three Rivers Community Safety Partnership and I advise all teenagers to pick up one of these superb tools.'

For more information please telephone Phillipa Scott, Community Safety Co-ordinator at Three Rivers District Council, on 01923 727356.