Part-night lighting has no impact on crime

08th April 2012

Hertfordshire Police Authority Press Release

Hertfordshire Police Authority’s Scrutiny Committee  met on 3 April and considered a report from the Constabulary on the impact part-night street lighting has had on crime.

In a move to make necessary cost savings, Hertfordshire County Council has begun implementation of a ‘part-night street lighting’ policy, which means that  around 80% of street lights will switch to part-night lighting (i.e. until midnight and from 6am) across Hertfordshire.  Up to February 2012, part-night street lighting has been implemented in Broxbourne, Watford, Three Rivers and Welham Green.

Local communities have expressed concern that turning off street lights between midnight and 6am could increase crime.  As a result, the Police Authority requested a report to determine whether there is any evidence to suggest there has been a rise in crime in the areas where street lighting has been reduced.  After considering the report, the Police Authority’s Scrutiny Committee concluded that there is no evidence to suggest crime levels have been affected.

Commenting on the report, the Chair of the Scrutiny Committee Sue Warman said:

“It is important that we listen to concerns expressed by the public, when they feel they are at risk of crime, which is why we asked the Constabulary to provide this report. 

"I am pleased that the analysis has shown that there is no correlation between crime levels and changes to street lighting and trust that this finding provides reassurance to the public. 

"In fact, Hertfordshire has seen an overall reduction in crime levels of over 6% compared to the same period last year. However, we are never complacent and will continue to monitor trends, to ensure that crime continues to reduce and that communities feel safe.”

More information about the Part-Night Lighting Policy can be found on the Herts County Council website.