Take away fined for health breach

09th February 2015

Paya Cuisine & Yummy Pizza has been fined for breaking hygiene regulations.  The business, which trades under both names, pleaded guilty on Friday 6 February at Watford Magistrates Court following prosecution by Three Rivers District Council.

Three Rivers’ lead member for health, Cllr Sara Bedford, said:

“Standards of hygiene in restaurants and take aways across Three Rivers are generally high.  The Council inspects such premises regularly to make sure that these standards are maintained, so that residents and visitors can eat out with confidence.

“Paya Cuisine & Yummy Pizza’s hygiene standards were totally unacceptable and they were flagrantly breaking the law.  We didMouldy tub photographed at Paya Cuisine & Yummy Pizza not hesitate to take them to court and if the situation had been only a little worse the establishment would have been shut down.”

Breaches of hygiene regulations at Paya Cuisine & Yummy Pizza included grease and food debris left on kitchen surfaces and a damaged and dirty wash basin. There was an absence of basic monitoring procedures that are meant to make sure that food is safe to eat.  

The business was ordered to pay £978 which includes £550 in fines and Council staff costs of £400.

Customers can check the results of the most recent food hygiene inspections here...