South Oxhey Choirs hit BBC2

Ricky Manning13th August 2009

As if performing in front of an excited crowd wasn't enough, South Oxhey Choirs will now feature in a new four part series, "The Choir: Unsung Town" on BBC2 from Tuesday 1st September at 9pm.

At the recording studioIn 2008 Reverend Pam Wise contacted the BBC to ask "Why not get The Choir to come to South Oxhey?" They agreed to come and the rest is history.  The new series tells of the choir's humble beginnings through its recruitment drives, weekly rehearsals, and a recording session at Abbey Road studios, all culminating in their headline performance at the South Oxhey Festival in May.

The group represents a step-change in community cohesion and hope. As choir member Carly Harvey explained, "I'd been a stay at home Mum but I always knew that I had more to offer. When the choir came along I jumped in with both feet, getting involved with the singing, the organising and making so many new friends. I suddenly felt, I can do it! I'm a Mum but I'm also me".

Members of the choirThe South Oxhey Choirs are not going to fade away! Organisations such as Three Rivers District Council, local charity ASCEND, Hertfordshire Music Service and the South Oxhey Extended Schools Consortium have all given their support.

Determined to maintain the professionalism set by their Musical Director and TV star Gareth Malone, the choirs are now looking for financial support.

Ricky Manning, Community Arts Development Officer for Three Rivers said "This is the ultimate community project. The residents who make up the South Oxhey Choirs represent a spirit of optimism. They quite literally give a voice to South Oxhey. Let's dig deep so they can continue".

The youth and adult choirs start rehearsing again this autumn.

"The Choir: Unsung Town" will be aired on BBC2 from 9pm, Tuesday 1st September through to Tuesday 22nd September.

For more information on how to support the South Oxhey Choirs, visit or email