Sounds of summer: District Council offers noise advice

PR 61105th June 2006

With warmer weather finally here, Three Rivers District Council is offering local residents a few simple noise and nuisance prevention tips to help make sure everyone has an enjoyable summer.

In the past year the Council received 800 domestic noise complaints, a third more than the previous year.  The Council's environmental health experts also say that complaints tend to increase in the summer months, with more people spending time outdoors or with windows open.

Outdoor and late-night parties are more common at this time of year, and the Council's advice to any residents having one is to talk to neighbours in advance and let them know.  It's worth remembering that many people still have to go to work in the morning and won't appreciate late-night noise.

Councillor Phil Brading, Public Services and Health Portfolio Holder, says:

"Everyone has a different perception of what noise and nuisance is, and while we all want to enjoy our summer it's important that we take our neighbours into consideration.  There are really simple things we can do to make sure everyone is happy - the most important is simply to talk to your neighbours in advance if you are planning anything which could result in extra noise or disturbance to them."

Bonfires are also a more common sight in summer, and again the Council advises anyone planning one to talk to neighbours beforehand.  To help minimise smoke, only dry wood should be burned - never household waste.  There are no legal restrictions on when bonfires are permitted, but it's wise not to let them continue after dark.

As an alternative to a bonfire, residents are also reminded that the Council provides a fortnightly 'brown bin' collection of compostable waste such as garden clippings and food waste.  Another alternative is a home composter - these are available through Hertfordshire County Council at a reduced cost.

For more advice, information on what the Council can do about noise nuisance, or to make a noise complaint, call 01923 776611.