No hiding place for fly-tippers

17th May 2017

Another clear message has been sent out to would be fly-tippers that time is running out and they will be caught, as Three Rivers District Council prosecuted yet another criminal who had illegally disposed of household waste or had passed waste to illegal operators that neither have the relevant waste licenses or facilities to properly handle such wastes. 

Several cases of fly-tipping offences were successfully prosecuted by the Council this year. The most recent case involved Stephen Hardwick, of 15 Enville House, Otley Way, South Oxhey who faced charges after an illegal deposit of a large quantity of building waste including shower trays, toilet seats, wood, buckets, and paint pots was found near the Markeston Green Garages in South Oxhey.

Stephen Hardwick, who had also previous been prosecuted by Three Rivers District Council for failing to produce trade waste documents for his business, pleaded guilty to acting as a broker or dealer in controlled waste without being registered and failing to take all measures applicable to him on the transfer of waste from Piggotts Orchard to transfer only to an authorised person.

He was paid by a householder in Piggotts Orchard, Amersham to take the waste away and dispose of it legally. Mr Hardwick paid unnamed men to help him move the waste.

Mr Hardwick said two loads of waste were removed from the premises and claimed that one had been taken to a legitimate skip yard and that he paid the men who accompanied him to dispose of the rest of the waste, which was ultimately disposed of near the garages. He did not ensure that these men were licensed.

The court ordered the defendant to pay £1,787.75, which included a fine of £550 compensation to the Council for clear-up costs.

The chairman of the bench, Mr Pomfrey, said on sentencing:  “There are huge costs to society in clearing up other peoples' mess. I hope this sends out a message to you, the people you refuse to name and others trying to make a quick buck out of waste that the courts take this very seriously"

Duncan Jones, Chairman of the Hertfordshire Fly-Tipping Group welcomed the latest prosecution as yet another example of FTG agencies working hard to prosecute those individuals who fly-tip in Hertfordshire. Mr Jones noted that during 2016/17 over 30 prosecutions for fly-tipping were secured by FTG partner organisations with more to come. Mr Jones reminded residents and businesses of their Duty of Care with respect to carrying out the necessary checks when engaging private waste disposal services to make sure they only employ legitimate properly licensed contractors".

Protecting the environment is one of the District Council's priorities. Residents can contact the District Council for information about waste sites, refuse and recycling on 01923 776611 or visit