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stamp-out-fraud-1.jpgThe Council is committed to reducing your money lost through fraud -  money that should be used to improve your community.

Fraud is not a victimless crime and it affects all of us.

We want you to take an active role by informing us of any person or organisation that you consider to be committing fraud. The Council have a team of professional investigators who prevent, detect and deter fraud.  Much of the team's work is a direct response to the information provided by the public.

Together we can Stamp it out              

Some examples of the types of fraud we investigate are:

Council Tax fraud

Including council tax support, single person’s discounts, student exemptions, council tax evasion.

Housing fraud

Including right to buy fraud, subletting, none residency, providing false or misleading information to obtain social housing/temporary accommodation.

Blue Badge fraud

Including using a badge that does not belong to them or the badge holder not being present, the altering of a badge.

Employee/ Councillor and Contract fraud  

Employee/Councillor and contract fraud can include activities where someone may have abused their position or participated in something unlawful.  


Taxi Licensing, fly Tipping, Business rates evasion, Procurement, Grants.

Your information will be treated in the strictest confidence and can be given anonymously.

You can either click on the online form or call our dedicated fraud hotline on 0800 458 9200.

Email: or Please note that all Housing Benefit fraud should be reported direct to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) DWP Housing Benefit only

If the fraud was committed against you, you can contact your local police or Action Fraud.  


Three Rivers Council is warning residents to be aware of fraudsters who may pretend to be working for, or on behalf of the council. These fraudsters may make contact by phone, email, or by visiting resident’s homes. Fraud Warning (docx)

Telephone no:
0800 458 9200

Fax no:
01923 727194


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