Animal licensing

Apply for an animal activities licence or a dangerous wild animal licence and view our public register of licensed animal welfare operators in the Three Rivers area.

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Animal activities licence

The animal activity licence, introduced under laws that came into force on 1 October 2018, covers all businesses that:

  • provide or arrange the provision of boarding for cats or dogs (including kennels, catteries, dog home boarding businesses and dog day care providers)
  • keep or train animals for exhibition, educational or entertainment purposes
  • sell animals as pets, including online
  • breed dogs
  • hire out horses (such as riding establishments)

Businesses must meet the strict conditions of the animal activity they provide to be granted a licence following inspection by our Animal Welfare and Licensing Inspector.

It is a criminal offence to run unlicensed activities involving animals, and you can receive a prison sentence of up to 51 weeks and/or a fine of up to £5,000.

Please read our Animal welfare licensing policy.

Apply for or renew an animal activities licence

For an application to be valid, you must provide a completed application form, required supporting documents and payment of the relevant Part A fee (this is non-refundable).

To apply for or renew an animal activities licence, download and complete the relevant form:

Animal boarding (includes home boarding) application form (PDF)

Breeding and sale of dogs application form (PDF)

Hiring out horses application form (PDF)

Keeping or training animals for exhibition application form (PDF)

Selling animals as pets application form (PDF)

Once completed, sign and return your application to You will need to include the supporting documentation listed on the application form with your application. Alternatively, you can post your application to:

Animal Welfare and Licensing Inspector
TRDC Batchworth Depot
Harefield Road

You will need to pay the relevant application fee (PDF) when submitting your application by clicking the button below.

Pay for an animal activities licence application

You must meet all the conditions required for the activity you wish to provide. A licence will only be granted to businesses that meet these conditions.

Find the up to date conditions here

After we receive your application, we will contact you to arrange an inspection. Our inspector will apply a risk rating and will award one to five stars. The number of stars you are awarded determines whether you are granted a licence for one, two or three years.

Following a successful inspection you will need to pay the Part B grant fee (PDF) before we issue you a licence. The amount you pay depends on the duration of the licence awarded. Details of how to pay your grant fee will be sent to you by email. For certain activities, a veterinary inspection fee will also be required. 

Public register

We maintain a public register of all businesses in Three Rivers District that hold an animal activities licence.