Contact Details: DBS Checks

The Criminal Records Bureau has been replaced by the Disclosure and Barring Service.  More information about this service, including details about who is eligible for a DBS check, is published on the website. 

Due to their level of contact with children or vulnerable adults, some organisations may require their staff or volunteers to undergo a DBS check.

For organisations within the Three Rivers District boundary, a “checking and countersigning service” is available.  If your organisation is outside of the Three Rivers district, please refer to the DBS website for alternatives.   

Please note that individuals and the self-employed cannot apply for a DBS check themselves.  A self-employed person person who is eligible for a DBS check can ask the organisation that wishes to contract their services to apply for their DBS check.  Individuals may apply for a basic check from Disclosure Scotland which provides details of any ‘unspent’ convictions. 

If the DBS check is for a paid worker, there will be charge (from the DBS) which is passed onto the organisation requesting the check.  Details of charges can be found on the DBS website  An administrative fee of £10 plus VAT per check for paid workers will also be applied.

For volunteers there is no DBS charge or admin fee payable.  However, please note that ‘volunteer’ status must be satisfied by the countersignatory before a disclosure application is submitted to the DBS.  The DBS provide the definition of a volunteer on their website

If you wish to enquire about this service, please contact the Human Resources team via contact details on this page.


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