Three Rivers Customer Experience Strategy

12th March 2020

Customers in Three Rivers can expect improved access to Customer Services as the council approved its new Customer Experience Strategy on the 25 February 2020.

The Council is committed to making further improvements to its services and experience provided to residents, businesses, stakeholders and visitors. It has created and implemented digital platforms, including a new customer relationship management system and is looking to expand the range of services it provides online whilst continuing to provide excellent services through a variety of existing channels. 

The strategy will now look at making the reception area and customer-facing areas more welcoming, modern, flexible and able to better support staff and visitors. How we are communicating is also changing as more use of social media and the internet.

Joanne Wagstaffe, Chief Executive of the Council, said: “The quality of customer experience sets successful councils and businesses apart. Our customer’s demand the best and they also deserve the best we can offer. We want our customers to experience seamless service delivery regardless of which channel they use.”