Real nappies: real difference!

Emma Robinson21st April 2008

Over 130 of Three Rivers’ youngest residents are already doing their bit to help protect the environment; and making a real difference.

Real Nappy Week As national Real Nappy Week 2008 (21-27 April) draws to a close, Three Rivers District Council would like to remind parents that they can save money and help save the environment, by giving the real nappy cashback scheme a try.

The scheme was launched in 2003 and works by offering families up to £80.00 cashback for making the switch from disposables to real nappies. The 130 local babies now signed up to the scheme will have saved an astonishing half a million disposables from landfill - enough to fill 30 of the District Council's refuse trucks. Between them, they will also have saved their families around £65,000!

Environmental Projects Officer at Three Rivers District Council, Jennie Moore, said:

"We’re delighted that so many residents are giving real nappies a try. Making the switch is a really simple way for parents and babies to reduce their impact on the environment, plus, using real nappies can save money!”

Making the switch from disposable nappies to real nappies is a lot easier than residents may think. Parents and babies can do their bit to reduce the hugely damaging impact of disposable nappies by following these tips to keep real nappies in top condition:

  • Use A rated appliances to wash real nappies.
  • Wash real nappies at 60°C in a full load.
  • Wet nappies and wraps can be washed at 40°C with other laundry.
  • Store used nappies in a dry lidded bucket – don’t soak.
  • Use an eco-friendly washing detergent and don’t use fabric softener.
  • Air dry rather than tumble dry.
  • Use washable liners (fleece or silk).
  • Avoid PVC; try and use organic or unbleached products.
  • Never iron nappies or wraps.
  • Pass your nappies on when you have finished with them, or buy second hand items.

For more information on the District Council's real nappy cashback scheme, ring 01923 776611 or visit our Real Nappies page. For more information on national Real Nappy Week, visit