Council issues brown bin reminder

03rd August 2005

PR 416

Residents in Three Rivers are being asked to ensure that they follow the information provided by the Council on the items that can be placed in their brown bins. West London Composting in Harefield, where brown bin waste is taken to be composted, has reported that some loads received recently have contained an increased amount of contamination.

West London Composting has reported seeing plastic, items of clothing, and glass in loads they are receiving, none of which are suitable for composting and which can lead to whole loads being rejected.

Brown bins are intended only for waste that can be composted: garden waste, most types of cardboard, and organic kitchen waste.

If the Council's collection crew sees any unacceptable items in your brown bin, it will be left unemptied. Loads which are rejected due to contamination means that valuable resources will have to be sent to landfill sites instead of being composted, at greater cost.

For a full list of acceptable items, residents can contact the Council on 01923 776611.