Woodland Management Plans - Consultation

The draft woodland plans below detail the proposed strategic management of Three Rivers District Council owned woods in order to comply with the UK Forestry Standard. It is anticipated that they will supplement any Greenspace Action Plans already in existence.

All comments will be taken into account when finalising the management plans prior to sending them to the Forestry Commission for approval. Once approved by the Forestry Commission these plans will form the basis of woodland management for the next 10 years.

UK Forestry Standard is the reference standard for sustainable forest management across the UK.

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Bishops Wood

Bishops Wood - Woodland Management Plan (pdf)

Bishops Wood - Compartment Map (pdf)

Bishops Wood - Habitats Map (pdf)

Bishops Wood - Plan of Operations (xlsx)

Carpenters Wood

Carpenters Wood - Woodland Management Plan (pdf)

Carpenters Wood - Compartment Map (pdf)

Carpenters Wood - Habitats Map (pdf)

Carpenters Wood - Operations Map (pdf)

Carpenters Wood - Plan of Operations (xlsx)

Carpenters Wood - Management Zones (pdf)

Croxleyhall Woods

Croxleyhall Woods - Woodland Management Plan (pdf)

Croxleyhall Woods - Compartment Map (pdf)

Croxleyhall Woods - Habitats Map (pdf)

Croxleyhall Woods - Operations Map (pdf)

Croxleyhall Woods - Plan of Operations (xlsx)

Oxhey Woods

Oxhey Woods - Woodland Management Plan (pdf)

Oxhey Woods - Compartment Map (pdf)

Oxhey Woods - Habitats Map (pdf)

Oxhey Woods - Operations Map (pdf)

Pheasants and Solomons Wood

Pheasants and Solomons Wood - Woodland Management Plan (pdf)

Pheasants and Solomons Wood - Compartment Map (pdf)

Pheasants and Solomons Wood - Habitats Map (pdf)

Pheasants and Solomons Wood - Plan of Operations (xlsx)