Watford and Three Rivers Health and Wellbeing Partnership

Watford and Three Rivers Health & Wellbeing Partnership was formed in 2008. It brings together partners from the public, voluntary and community sector to identify and respond to the health and wellbeing priorities in both areas. It is accountable to the Local Strategic Partnerships in Watford and Three Rivers.

Health and wellbeing partnership small grants

The health and wellbeing partnership has launched a small grants scheme for voluntary and community sector agencies for projects focussing on the priorities of reducing obesity, or improving sexual health. More information and an application form can be downloaded here: Small Grant Application Form (doc)

What are the priorities of the Health & Wellbeing Partnership?

Locally the following priorities have been agreed for health and wellbeing:

  • Smoking cessation
  • Physical activity
  • Obesity
  • Sexual health
  • Alcohol
  • Mental health

You can find out the Hertfordshire-wide health inequalities priorities in the Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2016-20.

Who is involved in the Health & Wellbeing Partnership?

Membership of the partnership Executive Group includes:

  • West Herts Hospital NHS Trust
  • Hertfordshire Partnership Foundation Trust
  • Herts Valleys NHS Clinical Commissioning Group - Watford and Three Rivers Locality
  • Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust
  • Hertfordshire County Council (including Public Health)
  • Watford Borough Council
  • Three Rivers District Council
  • Watford and Three Rivers Trust
  • Hertfordshire Constabulary
  • Herts Fire and Rescue Service
  • Thrive Homes
  • Watford Community Housing Trust

The Executive Group which meets up to five times a year and full partnership meetings are held at least once a year. Membership of the full partnership is open to any agency involved in health inequalities in the two areas. Membership of the Executive group is closed. Task and Finish Groups are established to develop action plans on specific priorities. These are open to relevant organisations.

You can download a copy of the terms of reference of the partnership below:

Health and Well-being Partnership Terms of Reference 2013 (pdf)

Hertfordshire Health and Wellbeing Board

The partnership links to the work of the county-wide Health and Wellbeing Board. Details of the county board can be found on their website.

Public Health Outcomes Framework

Data for Hertfordshire on the national public health outcomes framework can be found on this website.

Local Health Data

Local health data at district, ward and MSOA levels can be obtained from this website.

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

Information from the joint health and social care strategic needs assessment for Watford and Three Rivers can be found here

Notes of previous meetings

You can review the notes of previous meetings by following the link below:

Notes of previous meetings of the Watford and Three Rivers Health and Wellbeing Partnership

Older People – Falls

For more information on falls prevention work, services to support older people in the home, and physical activity classes for older people click on this link.

How do I contact the partnership to find out more?

The Chair of the Partnership is Alan Gough, and the Vice Chair is Andy Stovold.  You can contact Alan Gough through Watford Borough Council. You can contact Andy Stovold via the