Watford and Three Rivers Families First Partnership

The Watford and Three Rivers Families First Partnership aims to use its local knowledge and networks to deliver an effective and sustainable Families First local delivery model.   This operates within the county wide framework to ensure consistency where needed, but is shaped to work effectively with local systems and meet the needs of the Watford and Three Rivers community.

The Partnership:

  • Disseminates information and champions the model within its organisations and across the local community and families in particular.
  • updates an understanding of county parameters and expectations.
  • Further develops and implements the delivery plan, supported by the Families First Programme Team.
  • Identifies and addresses any blockages to the model.
  • Performance monitors the delivery of the model to evidence impact and demonstrate value for money.
  • Contributes to the county wide evaluation and development of the model.

The Partnership meets four times a year and is currently chaired by the Head of Community Partnerships at Three Rivers District Council. For more information please contact the Community Partnerships Team.

More information on Families First can be found on its website. This includes information Families First Assessments, Families First Co-ordinators, the Early Help Module and a Directory of Services.

Learning Hubs

Hertfordshire Safeguarding Children Partnership and Hertfordshire Safeguarding Adults Board operate a Learning Hub which aims to improve local safeguarding practice for both children and vulnerable adults. The Learning Hub is a feedback loop between front line practitioners and the Strategic Partnership, ensuring learning on priority local issues is shared and acted on at all levels in a timely way. The Hub will identify three themes each year. To sign up for newsletters contact the Business Unit.