Waste and recycling for flats - Guidance for managing agents, housing associations and landlords


  • The Council will only collect bins containing the correct materials; bins containing items that can't be recycled will not be emptied
  • Contaminated recycling bins need then to be emptied - this can be arranged independently or you can pay the Council to do this.  Please contact us for prices
  • Avoid issues of contamination and dumping by educating your residents about which bin to use and that their waste is their responsibility. 
  • Download a leaflet/poster to circulate to residents or to put up in communal areas
  • If residents dump rubbish on the floor around the bins this will not be collected and is classed as fly tipping. Download a poster for your bin area
  • Dumping in bin stores makes the area unpleasant to use and if not cleared/stopped quickly can lead to further dumping and general disrespect for the area
  • If dumping in bin stores is blocking the bins from being accessed these will not be emptied. We will return on the next scheduled collection day to empty the bins once the area has been cleared
  • Please ensure that tenants don't use the communal bins for their 'moving out rubbish'
  • Where a tenant vacates a property and leaves waste that they have generated during their tenancy but failed to dispose of, this waste becomes the responsibility of the landlord
  • Tenants can arrange bulky waste collections for themselves.

If not using the Council to clear contaminated bins or communal bin areas please ensure whoever you choose to use has the correct waste carriers licence.

For waste storage requirements visit the Pre-Application page.