Walk and cycle in Three Rivers - Everything you need to know

Three Rivers District Council promotes cycling and walking, to encourage better travel and reduce climate change - better for you, the people around you and for your local environment.

You can reduce your carbon footprint while living a healthier, happier and more enjoyable life! Start walking and cycling more, using the information and links below to help you on your way. 

You can also find more information at Green Our Herts.

Important Walking and Cycling news

Changes you need to know from 29 January for people driving and cycling

Rules for all types of road users have been updated in The Highway Code to improve the safety of people walking, cycling and riding horses.

hw.png     hw2.jpg

Changes to the Highway Code affect everyone - so it’s important that all road users familiarise themselves. Here are some examples of the new rules:

  • Cyclists have also received fresh guidance to ride in the centre of a lane on quieter roads, in slower-moving traffic and at the approach to junctions in order to make themselves as clearly visible as possible, keeping at least half a metre (just over 1.5 feet) away from the kerb edge (and further where it is safer) when riding on busy roads with vehicles moving faster than them.
  • Cyclists can ride 2 abreast - and it can be safer to do so, particularly in larger groups or when accompanying children or less experienced riders.
  • Drivers must leave at least 1.5 metres (5 feet) when overtaking people cycling at speeds of up to 30mph, and giving them more space when overtaking at higher speeds.

Other changes affect:

  • Hierarchy of road users.
  • People crossing the road at junctions.
  • Walking, cycling or riding in shared spaces.
  • Positioning in the road when cycling.
  • Overtaking when driving or cycling.
  • People cycling at junctions.
  • People cycling, riding a horse and driving horse-drawn vehicles on roundabouts.
  • Parking, charging and leaving vehicles.

 For more information you should visit this link to the Government website:


Getting started and essential equipment

Want to ride but don’t know where to begin? British Cycling have some great advice in the articles below.

Get Started - Cycling basics

Essential kit to carry

Cycling training

Bikeability is the modern day version of the cycling proficiency scheme offering different levels of cycle training whether you’re just starting out or want to use your bike more safely and more often. Click on the links to find out more information and for details of training near you.

Visit - the Government site showing where to get training and what it involves.

Try  the first Cycle Hub funded by Three Rivers District Council, offering training, repairs and bike hire.

Cycling training in Hertfordshire -

Cycle routes and route planning

Hertfordshire County Council's Country Management Service provides details of various recreational cycling and walking routes throughout the County, including in Three Rivers District, at - - An free and easy-to-use route planner - A free and detailed route planner designed specifically for cyclists, giving detailed directions and route options. - Google Maps directions offer a cycling option.

Smartphone apps are great for route finding, tracking your rides and monitoring fitness levels. A few examples are listed here, others are available. Visit your smartphones app store to download the latest version.

Local cycling clubs - South West Hertfordshire cycle club. They organise rides and campaign for better and safer cycling routes across South West Herts.

Local cycling shops and services - One stop shop for cyclists. Bike hire, purchase, servicing, training and repairs. - Bike retailer and maintenance/repair services - Mobile bike repair and maintenance - Electric bike retailer

National cycling organisations

Adjoining Authorities cycling information

For those that wish to explore further afield, below are links to neighbouring authorities cycling pages where further information and routes can be found.

Government Cycling Schemes

Many employers now offer affordable access to cycling through the Government’s Cycle To Work Scheme which allows you to purchase a new bicycle and equipment paid for on a monthly basis. Speak to your employers’ Human Resources department to see if it is something they offer. 


You can find useful information to support walking here: - "The Urban walking route planner" - a wide range of information from this major walking campaign group. - find out how 'walkable' your area is - and get advice if you're looking to move!