Trees in Conservation Areas


For updates on Trees and Landscapes due to Coronavirus please click here 

No site visits are currently being undertaken.

All applications relating to Tree Preservation Orders and trees in Conservation areas, are still being validated, assessed and determined as normal, wherever possible. Timescales on applications are therefore unaffected unless an extension of time has been agreed between parties.

All future tree work applications must be submitted online, either via the Planning Portal or emailed to

To be able to process applications, applicants MUST provide photographs and/or videos at the time of submitting their application.

Any queries relating to trees that are suspected to be dead, dying or dangerous, photographs and/or videos must be provided at the time of submitting an email to

These photographs or videos will need to show:

  • Trees from bottom to top
  • Tree within its location as a landscape photo
  • Evidence of the reasons mentioned in the "description of work


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