The Community Trigger for Anti-Social Behaviour

The ASB Case Review (Community Trigger) is a way that members of the public can ask partner agencies to collectively review their responses to complaints of Anti-Social Behaviour.

See previous Community Trigger Data below:


The ASB Case Review has been designed to make sure agencies such as the Police, Local Authorities and Housing Providers work together to try to resolve complaints of anti-social behaviour. This means that they will not be working in isolation but will be working together to consider more creative solutions to tackle problems.

The criteria for the ASB Case Review is:
 - 3 reports from an individual about separate incidents in 6 months
 - 3 different individuals that have reported separate incidents in 6 months.
The Review can be used by both individuals and businesses.

Where the same incident has been reported to more than one agency this is treated as one incident.

It won’t replace organisations and agencies Complaints Procedures, and you still have the opportunity to complain to the Ombudsman or Independent Police Complaints Commission if you are unhappy about the service you have received from an individual service.

Please see attached The ASB Case Review application form and The ASB Case Review procedure.  Completed application forms should be returned by email to or 

Or by post to the ASB Team, Community Partnerships, Three Rivers District Council, Three Rivers House, Northway, Rickmansworth Herts WD3 1RL.


asb-statutory-guidance-updated-29-01-2021.pdf (pdf)

asb-case-review-application-form-january-2022.doc (doc)

the-anti-social-behaviour-case-review-process.docx (docx)