Terrorism and Radicalisation





Remember, no piece of information is considered too small or insignificant.

 ACT Early


ACT Early is an initiative designed to provide practical help and information around preventing terrorism, and spotting the signs that someone may be drawn towards radicalisation. 

ACT early and tell us your concerns in confidence. You won’t be wasting time and you won’t ruin lives, but you might save them.


What is the Prevent Agenda?

The Prevent agenda forms part of the Government’s larger Contest strategy to tackle terrorism.

Through Prevent, agencies aim to provide support and guidance for people who may be vulnerable to grooming by extremists. This does not involve any criminal behaviour.

If your agency is interested in holding or attending a Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent (WRAP) please contact the Police PREVENT team (Non-emergency) on 101, or the Three Rivers District Council Community Safety Team on 01923 776611.

Guidance to those renting out venues

Please consider these points when someone is requesting to hire your venue, and where relevant include these questions in your standard booking form:

Who wants to use your venue?

  • Name and mobile number of the main organiser
  • Name of the organisation, including contact details
  • Date, time and place of meeting
  • Expected arrival and departure time.
  • Name and details of any speaker(s) – checks should be done on who they represent? Is their organisation bona fide? Are they known to you/local community? Will they be travelling from abroad especially for this event? Have they spoken before?
  • How many attendees are expected

The reasons to use the venue

  • What is the topic/reason for the event? Has this topic had any regional or national criticism or hostility on previous occasions?
  • How is the event to be advertised? Locally, regionally, nationally?
  • Conditions of the event? Will the event be an open or closed event? Will there be segregation? Will tickets be provided?
  • Why has your venue been chosen? Size, local interest?
  • Is there any pressure (directly or indirectly) surrounding the event? Has any pressure been undertaken to run or not to run this event? From either the local community or other individual.

Wider considerations - This could be researched online/youtube.

  • Does the speaker or organiser have a reputation for causing disruption, which may prompt certain individuals to attend?
  • Is there any potential for the speaker to use offensive or unlawful language?
  • Is it likely any Health and Safety, or public order issues may occur as a result of this event?
  • Are there any risks to your venue’s reputation by hosting this event?
  • Will the event be supervised by venue staff?
  • Does the speaker agree to abide by any venue conditions of access, regulations and values?
  • Will there be any security requirements needed?

If you would like further information or support on any of the points mentioned above, including developing a booking form or the PREVENT Duty, please contact the Police PREVENT team (Non-emergency) on 101, or the Three Rivers District Council Community Safety Team on 01923 776611.