Temporary Accommodation

Will I be offered temporary accommodation?

Temporary accommodation will be provided while your homelessness is being investigated if we believe you are homeless, eligible for assistance and in priority need.

You will continue to be provided with temporary accommodation if the Council decides it owes you the main duty to secure accommodation for you.

Where will I be offered temporary accommodation?

The Council will endeavour to offer you temporary accommodation in the district, however sometimes there is simply no accommodation available and you will be offered temporary accommodation out of the district. Your personal circumstances will be taken into consideration when the Council considers the suitability of the temporary accommodation you are offered.

If you are placed outside of the district, the Council will look to move you into temporary accommodation in the Three Rivers area as soon as this becomes available.

Further information can be found in the Temporary Accommodation Placement Policy.

What type of temporary accommodation will I be offered?

Most temporary accommodation properties are self-contained. However please be aware in an emergency and where simply no other temporary accommodation is available, this may be accommodation with shared facilities (such as sharing a kitchen) or bed and breakfast accommodation.

You may be asked to move from one temporary accommodation property to another at short notice. If you are asked to move, we will aim to give you at least 24 hours notice where this is possible.

What if I refuse temporary accommodation?

If you refuse temporary accommodation which the Council considers to be suitable, it is likely the Council will end its duty to provide you with temporary accommodation. If you are owed the main housing duty and you refuse temporary accommodation, the Council may end its duty to secure accommodation for you.

Conditions of occupation

You will be asked to sign an occupancy agreement when you are provided with temporary accommodation. The terms of the occupancy agreement will depend on the type of accommodation you have been given, however it is important you read this.

A breach of the terms of the occupancy agreement could result in you losing your temporary accommodation and the Council ending its duty to provide you with temporary accommodation or securing accommodation for you.

Can I get help paying my rent?

Depending on your income and savings you may be entitled to apply for Housing Benefit to help you pay the rent. You can apply for Housing Benefit online, the Housing Supply Team will explain this process if you are offered temporary accommodation.