Support for Syrian refugees

The Council's motion on supporting Syrian refugees can be viewed here. 

  • The Home Office web pages provide regularly updated information on supporting the work of international charities involved in the Syria crisis.  The pages also provide updates on Government guidelines on accommodating Syrian refugees in private homes and fostering. At this point in time, the Home Office is advising that such help is not needed. 
  • Accommodation will be provided through local authorities and not-for-profit organisations. Three Rivers District Council is not a housing provider but is responsible for the housing register and for tackling homelessness.  Any temporary accommodation provided to Syrian refugees in Three Rivers will be provided outside of the regular social housing list so local people currently on the housing register will not be affected.
  • Any key announcements relating to hosting Syrian refugees in Three Rivers will be made available on this page.  You can also sign up to a mailing list on the home page at Herts Welcomes Syrian Families.