South West Herts Joint Strategic Plan

Consultation on the South West Herts JSP is currently under way and runs until the 4th November. This marks the first exciting step towards long-term planning in South West Hertfordshire.

We are asking for feedback on a draft vision and objectives for the area. For more information on the consultation, and how to comment, please refer to the consultation section of the SW Herts JSP web site at

Neighbouring authorities are increasingly being encouraged to work together to provide the homes, jobs and infrastructure where people want to live.

Along with Dacorum Borough Council, Hertsmere Borough Council, St Albans City & District Council, and Watford Borough Council we are preparing on a Joint Strategic Plan (JSP) for the South West Hertfordshire Area (see map below).

The Joint Strategic Plan (JSP) will provide a long-term framework for the area to 2050. It will be able to consider and address issues that cross council boundaries and set out a strategic vision for the area. It will also help guide future plans and strategies by setting out high level policies on topics such as climate change, infrastructure, environmental protection, employment and housing.

By working together, the Councils are confident they will be in a stronger position to deliver, and better fund, essential local transport links, health services and educational facilities that local people want to see.

Each council will still be responsible for preparing their own Local Plan, but a Joint Strategic Plan will be the first critical stage in local planning across South West Hertfordshire, setting the strategic framework and shared priorities within which individual local plans can be prepared.

Please refer to the South West Hertfordshire Joint Strategic Plan website for more information. The website provides information about the background to the Joint Strategic Plan and its progress. It will also allow you to share your ideas with us so together we can plan for the future of the area.

Joint Strategic Plan Area Map


All five Councils have agreed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to take the work forward. The MOU was agreed by us on 19 March 2018.

The Councils will work towards agreeing this strategic framework through preparation of a Statement of Common Ground, which is expected to be published later this year.

The following governance arrangements have also been agreed:

South West Herts Joint Strategic Plan Governance Arrangements (pdf)

Agendas and minutes from the meetings of the Strategic Planning Members Group are as follows:

5 November 2019 Meeting Agenda (pdf)

5 November 2019 Minutes of Meeting (pdf)

17 December 2019 Meeting Agenda (pdf)

17 December 2019 Minutes of Meeting (pdf)

28 January 2020 Meeting Agenda (pdf)

28 January 2020 Minutes of Meeting (pdf)

SW Herts JSP Councillor Briefing Slides from the Councillor Presentation 11 March 2020 (pdf)

10 July 2020 Meeting Agenda (pdf)

10 July 2020 Minutes of Meeting (pdf)

SW Herts Report Initial Engagement Results 17 July 2020 (pdf)

31 March 2021 Meeting Agenda (pdf)

31 March 2021 Minutes of Meeting (pdf)

29 June 2021 Meeting Agenda (pdf)

29 June 2021 Minutes of Meeting (pdf)

Draft SW Herts JSP Engagement Strategy Refresh (pdf)

Vision Engagement Strategy (pdf)

Risk Register (pdf)

Strategic Timeline (pdf)