Single Person Discount

What is Single Person Discount?

Council Tax charges are based on a property with two adult occupants. If more than 2 adults occupy an address the charge does not increase. However if there are less than two a 25% discount may be applied for. The amount of Council Tax due can be adjusted to reflect the circumstances of the household.

For the purposes of calculating Council Tax, some adults are not counted. These are referred to as 'disregarded people' - in these circumstances where 2 or more adults live in a property a discount may be available.

Applying for Single Person Discount

The quickest way is to apply online for a Single Person Discount 

If you live on your own, or are single due to bereavement and would like to apply for a Single Person's Discount, you can also download and complete the Single Person Discount Form (pdf).

If someone has recently left the property and you wish to claim a single persons discount, complete this form Single person form when someone leaves your property (pdf)

More information

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