Scott Wilson Report

Early ideas for two additional possible Gypsy and traveller sites in Three Rivers have been slammed by the District Council. The announcement follows the publication of a consultants' report on the allocation of Gypsy and traveller sites in districts across South and West Hertfordshire.

Known as the Scott Wilson report, the independent study was commissioned by local Councils to help inform the consultation on Gypsy and traveller sites which is being led by the East of England Regional Assembly (EERA).

The identification of a site in the Scott Wilson report does not necessarily mean that it will be considered further by the Councils, and sites not identified could subsequently come forward as options for consultation. The Council is intending to carry out full public consultation on the number of pitches to be provided in the District and possible locations for these in 2012 as part of the Gypsy and Traveller Development Plan Document. You can view the progress of this document through the Local Development Framework pages.

The Scott Wilson Report can be downloaded below.  The full report is available for inspection at Three Rivers House. Hard copies can also be purchased for £50 (+ £5 postage) as can CDs for £20, which are available from any of the 6 authorities involved.

Scott Wilson Report - 1. Introduction and Methodology (pdf)

Scott Wilson Report - 2. Identified Sites (pdf)

Scott Wilson Report - 3. Site Criteria and Recommendations (pdf)

Scott Wilson Report - Appendix 1 Site Selection Criteria (pdf)

Scott Wilson Report - Appendix 2 Sites and Green Belt Boundary (pdf)

Scott Wilson Report - Appendix 3 Three Rivers Map A (pdf)

Scott Wilson Report - Appendix 3 Three Rivers Map B (pdf)

Scott Wilson Report - Appendix 3 Three Rivers Map C (pdf)

Scott Wilson Report - Appendix 3 Three Rivers Map D (pdf)

Three Rivers District Council has strong objections to the sites identified in its locality. The Council will keep residents informed throughout the consultation process through Three Rivers Times magazine, the website, local area forums and the local media. Residents may make their views known to their Ward Councillors and at Area Forums at any time.

Scott Wilson Report - TRDC Concerns (pdf)

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