Road closures for Community Events

The District Council supports local community events by authorising event organisers to close public roads for processions and parades. This includes events like:

  • Rickmansworth Carnival Parade
  • Croxley Revels
  • Abbots Langley Carnival 
  • Remembrance Sunday Parades

The events we can authorise only require very short-term road closures, while a procession or parade passes through.

Coronation street parties

Hertfordshire County Council is encouraging residents to apply now for street parties to celebrate the King’s coronation.

Anyone wanting to close a road for a street party will need to apply to the county council at by 26 March. Read guidance on street parties here.

Road closures for events that close roads for some time (for example if stalls will be placed on the road) can be authorised by Hertfordshire County Council which can use other statutory powers to close roads, for example for sporting events or for community events that do not move along the road (such as Street Parties), here: Hertfordshire Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (TTROs).

Apply for a road closure for a parade or procession for a local community event

To apply for road closures to enable a parade or procession to take place, please use this application form: Application Form for Community Event road closures

Applications for regular events typically take 4 weeks to process but if you have not held your event in the same location before, any application must be submitted at least six months before the date of the event to allow adequate time for the authorisation process, as this may require significant further consultation and formal approval from a meeting of the Council.

All requests for a road closure involve consultation with affected stakeholders (including the Emergency Services) and if the Order is agreed by the District Council, public notices are displayed on street, in advance of the closure.

Organisers must provide confirmation from the Police that they will provide Officers to manage the road closure for their event.

If the Police will not be managing the road closure, organisers may be required to provide evidence to satisfy the District Council that the personnel managing any closures are suitable qualified and experienced marshals (typically CSAS accreditation). The Health and Safety Executive provides advice towards managing traffic at events, here

For further information, please contact Regulatory Services at the District Council, using 01923 776611 or email