Rickmansworth Aquadrome Consultation


The consultation is now closed, a full report will be published in due course. The Draft management plan and all maps can still be accessed below.


Welcome to the public consultation on the Rickmansworth Aquadrome Management Plan 2022-27

We would like to get your feedback to help inform and improve this plan. Key areas have already been identified through a previous consultation as areas to be enhanced and protected. The Management Plan details how this will be achieved.

While some elements are aspirational until funding has been secured, other elements will be implemented more immediately. The Management Plan will set out the future of the Aquadrome to ensure that Biodiversity flourishes and the site is retained to promote well-being for the local residents and visitors to the Aquadrome.

Support information for the survey can be found below

To View the maps

Consultation open date: 12 May 2022

Consultation closure date: 9 June 2022 - 4pm