Review of a premises licence

Reviewing a licence - Guidance

Occasionally things may go wrong once a licence has been granted. In the first case, we strongly advise you to talk to the manager of the premises first to try and arrange an informal resolution; we can help with this if asked.

If you have a complaint about any activities allowed under a licence, our licensing team will be pleased to help you try and resolve it. Some complaints may not be the Council’s responsibility to deal with, but we can advise you who would be the most appropriate agency in those cases.

Any person, regardless of their proximity to the licensed premises, or responsible authority (including the licensing authority) can ask for a licence to be reviewed if they feel that the operation of the premises is having a negative impact on the licensing objectives, but you are advised to contact the Licensing Team before making your request for a review.

Reviews allow a Licensing Sub-Committee to look at the licence again. If necessary the Sub-Committee can change the licence conditions or permitted activities or, in extreme cases, can suspend or revoke the licence.

A request for a licence review must be made on the official form, which is available to download below. Once the request has been made, the licensing authority must advertise it for 28 days to allow anyone else to also submit comments.

Review application form (doc)

More Information

For more information, contact the Council’s licensing team on (01923) 776611, or e-mail to . If you wish to see an officer face-to-face, please contact the licensing team first to make an appointment.

Alternatively, you can visit the Home Office web site at: