Register of Member Interests

Three Rivers District Council has adopted a Code of Conduct for its Members that sets out rules governing their behaviour. 

The Localism Act 2011, under which the Code of Conduct has been made, places a legal duty on Councillors to register and disclose Disclosable Pecuniary Interests and Other Interests, the description of which are set out in the Code. It is also a legal requirement that such declarations are published on the Council's web site.  Registers can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

Councillor Matthew Bedford (pdf)

Councillor Sara Bedford (pdf)

Councillor Ruth Clark (pdf)

Councillor Joanna Clemens (pdf)

Councillor David Coltman

Councillor Stephen Cox (pdf)

Councillor Steve Drury (pdf)

Councillor Donna Duncan (pdf)

Councillor Stephen Giles Medhurst (pdf)

Councillor Alex Hayward (pdf)

Councillor Paula Hiscocks (pdf)

Councillor Margaret Hofman (pdf)

Councillor Lisa Hudson

Councillor Tony Humphreys (pdf)

Councillor Raj Khiroya (pdf)

Councillor Joan King (pdf)

Councillor Stephen King (pdf)

Councillor Chris Lloyd (pdf)

Councillor David Major (pdf)

Councillor Keith Martin (pdf)

Councillor Shanti Maru (pdf)

Councillor Alex Michaels (pdf)

Councillor Debbie Morris (pdf)

Councillor Sarah Nelmes (pdf)

Councillor Paul Rainbow (pdf)

Councillor Reena Ranger (pdf)

Councillor David Raw (pdf)

Councillor Ciaran Reed (pdf)

Councillor Alison Scarth (pdf)

Councillor Andrew Scarth (pdf)

Councillor Roger Seabourne (pdf)

Councillor Stephanie Singer (pdf)

Councillor Dominic Sokalski (pdf)

Councillor Jon Tankard (pdf)

Councillor Martin Trevett (pdf)

Councillor Alex Turner (pdf)

Councillor Kate Turner (pdf)

Councillor Alison Wall (pdf)

Councillor Phil Williams (pdf)

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