Recycling Bin

black-green-lid-copy.pngEach property has a black bin with green lid for recycling which is collected weekly.

  • NOT accepted: Soft plastics (i.e carrier bags, plastic bags, crisp packets, plastic wrap) cling film, expanded foam-like plastics (Polystyrene), or food.

Please place items into this bin loose. 

The recycling is collected weekly.  The bin must be left at the property boundary by 6am on the day of collection. Recycling information (pdf)

Please use the online service to enquire about your collection day.

If you require a larger or extra recycling bin please contact us.

Are you recycling everything you can ?

Please rinse and squash

Rinse your recyclables to avoid any smells, attraction of pests, or contamination, and flatten materials to take up less space. 

The material will be thoroughly sterilised in the recycling process so washing does not have to be to high hygienic standards.

Missed Bins and Flats

If you live in a flat you may have different arrangements, such as communal bins on a rack system. If you are unsure about the arrangements either contact the Customer Service Centre on 01923 776611 or contact your Housing Association who will be able to advise you.

If your collection is missed please use this form and report it to us within 48 hours and, should we have genuinely missed it, we will return within 48 (working) hours of being notified.

Collection Assistance

Elderly, infirm and disabled residents who have no other resident to help them move the bin may apply for an assisted collection. The bin must still be visible and the front of the property but does not have to be moved to the boundary. To apply for this service, complete the online Application Form below.

Assisted Bin Collection: Application form