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What are real nappies?


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Babies and toddlers go through lots of nappies, 8 million of them in in the UK every day! On average, a baby will need a staggering 4,500 nappy changes before they are potty trained. That's 4,500 disposable nappies sent to landfill, or just 20 real nappies washed and used again. 

Real nappies are cloth nappies which can be washed and used again. Modern reusable nappies fit snugly and are very similar in shape and ease-of-use to disposables, but with the added option of great patterns and colours! They are soft and chemical free for your baby, offering financial savings over disposables, and they help reduce the amount of rubbish that you throw away.



Three Rivers District Council, in partnership with Hertfordshire County Council will give you a reward if you use real nappies.

If you buy your own real nappies and wash them at home we offer up to £50 towards the cost. Alternatively if you wish to try real nappies, we are able to offer you a FREE starter kit.

To apply for the starter pack, please complete an Application Form. To apply for the cash reward, please complete this application form (pdf).

There is a market for second hand re-usable nappies so after you have finished with them you could consider selling them on or even buy them second hand in the first place. You may find them on sites such as Freecycle or Ebay and a few other websites are listed below.

If you use disposable nappies and are unable to contain these within your refuse bin check the options available to you.

For more information on real nappies, please contact the Customer Services Centre on 01923 776611  or e-mail

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