Questions to Council

The rules for submitting a question to a Council meeting are as follows:

(1)  At any ordinary meeting of the Council, a member of the public may ask a question which is relevant to some matter in relation to which the Authority has functions, or which affects the area of the Authority or part of it, or the inhabitants of that area or some of them.

(2)  Questions must be submitted in writing to the Chief Executive by noon on the Monday of the week prior to the meeting.

(3)  The Council Chairman will determine which questions are to be accepted for answers at Council and which will be dealt with in other ways following consultation with the Leader, and relevant Lead Member. The Chief Executive will notify intending questioners whether or not their question has been selected. All questions will be included on the agenda for Council. The agenda will also indicate how questions not being dealt with at Council will be progressed.

(4)  A maximum of eight questions will be allowed at each meeting. Questioners may put the questions themselves or ask that they be read out by the Chairman. With the Chairman's permission, the questioner may ask a supplementary question about the answer.

(5)  Answers will be given by the Leader or by the Lead Member or by a Member nominated by the Leader/relevant Committee Chairman if that Member agrees. An answer may be:-

(a) an oral answer lasting no more than three minutes; or

(b) where the desired information is contained in a publication of the Council, a reference to that publication; or

(c) where the information required can more conveniently be given in writing, a written answer; or

(d) a combination of the above.

(6)  Except in extraordinary circumstances notified to the Chairman prior to the meeting, other members of the public may not ask supplementary questions.


Question to Council