Private Housing

The private rented sector is an invaluable resource for people who cannot afford to or do not wish to buy they own property. The Council proactively engage with landlords in the district and the Housing Options Team provide advice and assistance to customers wishing to move into a private rented sector property.

Information for tenants

Due to the shortage of social housing, very few people are successful in bidding for a property through the Housing Register and the private rented sector is likely to be a speedier option to resolving most people's housing situation.

Information on finding accommodation in the private rented sector can be found here.

Information for landlords

Three Rivers run two landlord forums a year in partnership with the National Residential Landlords Association. The NRLA has over 40,000 members UK wide and for a small cost provides fantastic support, discounted fees for relevant courses and advice to landlords. The Landlord's Forum is free to attend and speakers cover a wide range of topics including tax, updates on legislation and how this affects a landlord's responsibilities and other important changes in the private rented sector.

You can also visit the Shelter website to stay fully informed on current legislation relevant to renting a property and what your responsibilities are as a landlord.

The Council are also looking for landlords with properties of all sizes in the area who would consider renting their properties out through our successful Rent Deposit Guarantee Scheme. Whether you have one property or a full portfolio, this is a free scheme offered to landlords and provides the following benefits: 

  • The Council will guarantee up to one months rent to cover non-payment of rent or any damages caused to a property by a tenant.
  • If you rent your property through the RDGS you know your tenant will have the legal right to rent in the UK. This is known as the Right to Rent Check.
  • The tenancy agreement and other legal documents are prepared by the Council.
  • A comprehensive inventory and final inspection will be completed by the Council.
  • The Housing Options Team complete affordability assessments to ensure a tenant can afford the rent charge.

If you are a landlord with a property and would like further information on our scheme or are interested in attending the next Landlord's Forum, please email the Housing Supply Team at