Private Hire Operator licence - renewal

All application forms and supporting documents must be submitted via email to To arrange payment of the application fee please call customer services on 01923 776611

Renewal Applications
You must ensure that your private hire operator's licence is renewed before your licence expires in order to continue taking bookings. If your licence expires, you will not be able to accept any bookings, or pass any jobs to drivers, until your licence is renewed. All current operators wishing to renew will need to complete the application form and return it to the Council with the relevant fee at least 2 months before the expiry of the current licence. 

Please submit the following:

The legal duty to be properly licensed rests with yourself. Therefore if in future you do not receive a reminder from the Council you must still seek to renew your licence. It is an offence to take a booking for a Private Hire booking without a current and valid Private Hire Operator’s licence.

All licences must be renewed before their expiry date, as shown on the licence. Any application to renew a licence that has gone beyond its expiry date will be refused and an application for a NEW operator licence will be required.

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