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Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust is the name for Hertfordshire Primary Care Trust (PCT) created in April 2010 from the merger of West Hertfordshire PCT and East and North Hertfordshire PCT.

We are the local NHS and we are responsible for arranging healthcare for everyone who lives in Hertfordshire. We serve a population of just over one million, and our budget for this year is in the region of £1.7 billion.

The PCT assesses the needs of the people of Hertfordshire, we plan out the services to meet those needs and arrange with health care providers to deliver the services. We do not provide services directly. Our health care providers include: GPs, hospital trusts, dentists, community pharmacists, community health services, and mental health trusts.  We also monitor how well these providers are performing so that the money is well spent and people get the best possible care.

A really important part of what do is to support local people to keep healthy. So this means that we promote healthy lifestyles, for example eating well, drinking sensibly and not smoking. You will see lots of information about this on our website. And we run a number of services that help people to keep healthy, such as the Hertfordshire Stop Smoking Service, screening for conditions such as Chlamydia and vaccination programmes.

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