Previous Parking Consultations

Details of previous consultations are shown below:


Proposed restrictions in various roads throughout the District

A consultation is underway until Friday 30 October on proposals in various roads around the district. The District Council is currently considering formal objections to the proposals.

Full details of the proposals can be found in the following documents:

For general enquiries about these orders, please contact or by telephone on 01923 776611.


Updates to parking restrictions in Northway and Goral Mead, Rickmansworth

No objections were received during the public consultation on these proposals.

The Order has now been made to limit the use of the disabled parking bay in Northway, to disabled badge holders who have a residents’ parking permit; and to, and update the order’s description of the existing permit parking bay in Goral Mead (zone A permit holders only, Mon-Sat 8.30am-6.30pm), shortly.



TRO 131129 - Eastbury Avenue, Northwood – waiting restrictions

  • Eastbury Avenue
  • Eastglade
  • Davenham Avenue
  • Wellesley Avenue
  • Watford Road

TRO 131129 Notice of Proposals (pdf)

TRO140306 - implementing parking and waiting arrangements at:

  • Moor Lane, Rickmansworth
  • Grove Road, Rickmansworth
  • Springwell Avenue, Rickmansworth
  • Oak Hill Close, Mill End

TRO 140306 Notice of Proposals (pdf)

TRO 140212 - changes to waiting and parking restrictions at:

  • The Parade, Prestwick Road and Bridlington Road, South Oxhey
  • Tudor Parade, Berry Lane, Mill End
  • Baldwins Lane, Croxley Green

TRO140212 Deposit Documents (pdf)


TRO 140212 - Time Limited Parking outside shops.

7th March 2014 - Additional Consultation of Businesses at the following Locations:  

  • The Parade and Bridlington Road, South Oxhey – doc “South Oxhey"
  • 41 to 53, Baldwins Lane, Croxley Green – doc “Baldwins Lane”
  • 1 to 11, Tudor parade, Mill End – doc “Tudor Parade”

TRO 140212 South Oxhey (pdf)

TRO 140212 Baldwins Lane (pdf)

TRO140212 Tudor Parade (pdf)

TRO 140214 - changes to existing parking arrangements at:

  • The Community Way off-street car park, Croxley Green
  • Barton Way Recreation Grounds off-street car park, Croxley Green

TRO 140214 Deposit Documents (pdf)

TRO 131119 - Chorleywood Permit Parking Area - Zone 'OW' extension

TRO 131119 NoP deposit documents (pdf)

TRO 2014 No. 01 - waiting restrictions and/or prohibitions (yellow lines) at:

  • Berry Lane, Rickmansworth
  • Junction of Grove Road and Springwell Avenue, Rickmansworth
  • Junction of Loudwater Lane and Chorleywood Road, Rickmansworth
  • High Elms Lane, Watford
  • Denham Way Service Road and Chalfont Road

TRO 2014 No. 02 - waiting restrictions and/or prohibitions (yellow lines) at:

  • The Fairway and Eastbury Road Junction with Batchworth Lane, Northwood
  • The junction of Ardross Avenue with Batchworth Lane, Northwood
  • Furtherfield, Abbots Langley
  • Hallowes Crescent, South Oxhey
  • Denham Way, Chalfont Road and Oakhill Close, Mill End
  • Moor Lane, south service road, Rickmansworth
  • Barton Way recreation ground access road, Croxley Green
  • Ellesborough Close and Ashridge Drive, South Oxhey
  • Ainsdale Road and Gosforth Lane, South Oxhey

Consulting residents of 39/32 to 69/62, Blacketts Wood Drive and 25/16 to 31/26, Brushwood Drive, Chorleywood.

These two previous sets of consultation documents have been provided for background information:

1st Consultation (26-07-2012) (pdf)

2nd Consultation (12-12-2012) (pdf)

The Consultation ended on 20th December 2013.

Consultation - Blacketts Wood Drive (29-11-2013) (pdf)

Consultation - Brushwood Drive (29-11-2013) (pdf)

Eastbury Avenue, Northwood

Consulting residents of Eastbury Avenue between Eastglade and Watford Road.

Consultation - Eastbury Avenue (29-11-2013) (pdf)

Proposed amendments to Chorleywood Outer Area Traffic Regulation Order

A number of minor typographical errors and administrative errors have been identified in The Three Rivers (Various Roads, Chorleywood Outer Area)(Parking Places) Order 2006, and earlier amendments to that order. We are therefore proposing to correct these. Details of the proposals, the reason for making them, and the earlier Traffic Regulation Orders that are affected can be found in the documents below.

Chorleywood amendment Statement of Reasons (doc)

Chorleywood amendment Notice of Proposals (doc)

Chorleywood CPZ draft amendment Order (doc)

Chorleywood amendment plans pack (pdf)

Parking Places Order 2006 (pdf)

Earlier Amendment no 1 (pdf)

Earlier Amendment no 2 (pdf)

Earlier Amendment no 3 (pdf)


TRO 2014 No 06 ref 140306 - Notice of Making  

Alterations to recently proposed (but not yet implemented) double yellow lines at:

  • Grove Road junction with Springwell Avenue
  • More Lane, Rickmansworth
  • Oakhill Close, Maple Cross

07 TRO 2014 No 05 deposit docs (pdf)



Time Limited On-Street Parking:

  • The Parade, South Oxhey
  • 41 to 53, Baldwins Lane, Croxley green

07 TRO 2014 No 04 deposit docs (pdf)



Time Limited Off-street Parking:

  • The community Way Car Park, Croxley Green
  • The Barton Way Recreation Ground Car Park, Croxley Green

07 TRO 2014 No 05 deposit docs (pdf)


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