Poverty, Employment and Prosperity Group (PEP)

1) Welfare Reform Booklet

The Poverty, Employment and Prosperity Group has produced the document below that attempts to summarise the principal Welfare Reform / Localism changes.  It also contains contact details of organisations and initiatives that may be able to assist people affected by the changes:

PEP Welfare Reform Changes Leaflet 2013 (doc)

2) Referral List

The former Poverty Action Group produced an 'Agency Referral List' to enable agencies to refer their 'users' who are affected by poverty more effectively.  It is by no means a definitive list and the PEP group cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information.

Click on the relevant themed link below to find out the names and contact details of organisations and agencies that may be able to help someone affected by poverty:

Mental & Physical Health, Well-being and Leisure
Money Matters, Debts, Benefits and Savings
Literacy, Education, Work and Training
Housing and Accommodation
Parenting, Childcare & Family Support

What is the Three Rivers Poverty, Employment and Prosperity Group?

The group was formed following the merging of the former Poverty Action and Prosperity and Employment groups.  These groups were originally formed by the Three Rivers Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) and link into the Three Rivers Community Strategy.

The Poverty, Employment and Prosperity (PEP) group brings together organisations from the public, private and voluntary sectors that are directly involved in addressing poverty and inequalities in employment and prosperity within the District.  Further information about the group can be found in the 'Frequently asked Questions' section below

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the Poverty, Employment and Prosperity Group priorities?

To improve the support provided to residents on low incomes through improvements in delivery and access to services such as benefits advice, debt advice, and homelessness advice.

To reduce inequalities in poverty in Three Rivers by targeting improvements at:

  • the areas of greatest income deprivation in the District
  • the needs of groups particularly affected such as those with mental health problems, disabilities, and the elderly.

To increase employment, reduce worklessness, and address the impact of income deprivation in targeted areas of the District by:

  • to increase the proportion of residents with qualifications ‘up to level 2’ in the targeted areas.
  • to increase volunteering amongst hard to reach groups in the targeted areas e.g. people with mental health problems.
  • to improve local access to support services (towards employment and community activity) for hard to reach groups in targeted areas.

To monitor and respond to emerging needs from the impact of the recession in the District.

The group will focus on the immediate support needs of those affected by low income as well as medium and long term solutions to addressing the impact of low income such as worklessness.

Q2. Who is involved in the Poverty, Employment and Prosperity Group?

Organisations who are members of the group include:

            Three Rivers District Council

            Hertfordshire County Council

            Three Rivers Citizens Advice Service


            Thrive Homes

            Three Rivers Learning Partnership

            Watford Mencap

            Job Centre Plus

            West Herts College

            Youth Connexions Hertfordshire

            South Oxhey Children's Centre

            Rickmansworth Children's Centre

The group will invite other representatives to attend the group on as appropriate to needs of the agenda.

Q3. How does the Poverty, Employment and Prosperity Group operate?

The group meets 6 times a year and reports to the Local Strategic Partnership.  Key decisions will be ratified by Three Rivers Local Strategic Partnership.

Q4. Who do I contact to find out more about the Poverty, Employment and Prosperity Group ?

The chair of the Prosperity and Employment Group is Andy Stovold and the Vice-chair is Marion Seneschall.  You can contact either of these via the