Pollution can take many forms, including noise, air, and water pollution. The Council has a legal duty to ensure that incidents of pollution, both domestic and industrial are kept to a minimum.

The main causes of complaints from residents that can be investigated by Environment Officers relate to noise, alarms and bonfires. For further information on ways to handle the problems and when the Council may become involved follow the links below relating to:

  • Noise  from neighbours, factories, pubs and clubs and building sites.
  • House, office, factory and car alarms that have not shut themselves off after 20 minutes.
  • Neighbours' bonfires to get rid of garden and other waste.
  • Fireworks  and firework displays.
  • Light Pollution

A major pollution concern in recent years both in the home and industrially has been around the use of asbestos. Whilst asbestos is no longer commonly used in the home, it can still cause health and environmental problems and needs to be removed and disposed of with care.

Environment Officers also undertake to:

  • Control air pollution from industrial processes
  • Monitor the quality of the air
  • Ensure that contaminants from contaminated land do not interfere with human, animal or plant health
  • Control noise from building and construction sites
  • Sample private water supplies
  • Enforce where necessary the maintenance and upkeep of drainage and sewers at commercial premises