Personal Licence Register - W

This information is provided under the requirements for the Licensing Authority to maintain a public register which can be viewed free of charge. The details of the licences can be viewed below.

Licence Number

Licence Issued

Personal Licence Holder

LN/000005519 07/12/2005 WADE, Ashley John
Pers/69/05 20/09/2005 WAGGETT, Daniel
Pers/232/05 23/08/2005 WALLIS, Janet
Pers/352/06 09/06/2006 WALLIS, Steven Paul
Pers/372/06 01/09/2006 WALSH, Debra Sue
Pers/161/06 10/06/2005 WALSH, Keiron Michael
Pers/08/05 05/07/2005 WALTERS, Alan Lyn
LN/000013807 03/12/2013 WARD, Emma
Pers/106/05 13/08/2005 WARD, Paul Andrew
Pers/254/05 11/08/2005 WARD, Simon James
Pers/417/07 28/02/2007 WASS, Andrew John
LN/000013778 17/04/2013 WATTAM, Julie
LN/000013699 02/09/2011 WATTLEY, Thomas Keith
Pers/220/05 13/08/2005 WAUGH, Elizabeth Lindsay
LN/000003718 30/08/2005 WEBB, Simon Martyn
LN/000013710 13/10/2011 WEIGHTMAN, Emma


22/06/2009 WEST, Leigh
Pers/01/05 07/03/2005 WHATELY-SMITH, Christopher Andrew
LN/000013501 25/09/2009 WHEATLEY, Scott
LN/000002120 16/07/2005 WHITE, Bradley Michael
Pers/52/05 09/06/2005 WHITE, Peter Jonathan
Pers/490/08 14/02/2008 WILDE, Samantha Jane
LN/000013628 16/04/2010 WILDERMUTH, Danielle
LN/000000078 21/10/2008 WILDS, Jay Gordon
Pers/356/06 09/06/2006 WILLIAMS, Janine Mary
LN/000013629 16/04/2010 WILLIAMS, Keaton
Pers/250/05 24/08/2005 WILLIAMS, Lesley Anne
Pers/224/05 19/08/2005 WILLIAMS, Phillip Thomas
LN/000013704 14/09/2011 WILLIAMSON, Philip
LN/000013609 11/12/2009 WILSON, Alexander Neil
LN/000013773 27/03/2013 WILSON, Christopher
Pers/395/05 11/08/2005 WIN, Tessa Kate
LN/000013487 10/07/2009 WINTER, Matthew
LN/000007660 05/07/2006 WISEMAN, Paul
LN/000004313 08/09/2005 WISHART, Darren James Ralph
LN/000013808 06/12/2013 WITHAM, Keeley
Pers/86/05 10/07/2005 WONG, Kim Ching
Pers/87/05 10/07/2005 WONG, Lai Sheung
Pers/471/07 21/09/2007 WOODARD, Andrew Neil
Pers/181/05 23/08/2005 WOODBRIDGE, Timothy John
Pers/357/06 15/06/2006 WOODING, Gillian
LN/000013473 12/05/2009 WOODS, Simon
Pers/388/06 27/11/2006 WOODWARDS, Heather Lesley
Pers/347/06 24/05/2006 WOOLF, Joel Aaron
LN/000013455 12/03/2009 WORBY, Drew
Pers/364/06 02/08/2006 WRIGHT, Helen Marion
Pers/363/06 02/08/2006 WRIGHT, Jamie
LN/000013825 30/05/2014 WYNN, Andrew