Personal Licence Register - T

This information is provided under the requirements for the Licensing Authority to maintain a public register which can be viewed free of charge. The details of the licences can be viewed below.

Licence Number

Licence Issued

Personal Licence Holder

Pers/117/05 20/08/2005 TAGG, Spencer Michael
Pers/64/05 04/07/2005 TANG, Chi Keung
Pers/66/05 04/07/2005 TANG, Ricky
LN/000000042 28/08/2008 TATE, Michailla Marie
Pers/305/05 15/12/2005 TATTERS, James John
LN/000013470 05/05/2009 TATTERSALL, Julien
LN/000013449 04/02/2009 TATTMAN, Diana
LN/000013456 13/03/2009


LN/000013520 26/11/2009 TAYLOR, Dominique
Pers/325/06 14/03/2006 TAYLOR, John
LN/000013644 19/08/2010 TAYLOR, Miles
Pers/331/06 30/03/2006 TAYLOR, Paul Martin
LN/000013765 28/01/2013 TEMPLE, Lisa
Pers/96/05 02/09/2005 THEVARAJAH, Kalaimagalselvi
Pers/95/05 02/09/2005 THEVARAJAH, Tavi
LN/000000018 05/10/2006 THIRKETTLE, Adrian Charles
Pers/186/05 31/08/2005 THOMAS, Adrian
LN/000000038 13/08/2008 THOMAS, David Paul
LN/000003941 30/08/2005 THOMAS, Martin Gary
LN/000013513 17/11/2009 THOMAS, Phinilmon
LN/000000011 22/05/2008 THOMPSON, John Christopher
Pers/454/07 30/07/2007 THOMPSON, Wanda Kathryn
LN/000000064 24/05/2006 THOMSON, Heidi Emma Kiera
Pers/257/05 05/07/2005 THURGOOD, Paul Benedict
Pers/39/05 12/07/2005 THURLOW, Bryony Dawn
LN/000013732 30/04/2012 TIERNEY, Scott
Pers/473/07 24/10/2007 TIMS, Stephanie Lorraine
Pers/466/07 11/09/2007 TIMS, Zelie Mary Louise
Pers/164/05 09/08/2005 TINDALE, Brian William
LN/000001138 08/08/2005 TOGASHI, Makoto
Pers/16/05 06/07/2005 TOMLINSON, Glen Wilfrid
Pers/299/05 23/12/2005 TRAVICA, Davor
LN/000013505 15/10/2009 TRISK-GROVE, Ian
LN/000013791 15/07/2013 TRUMAN, David
Pers/320/06 17/02/2006 TRUPPIN, Philip George Max
LN/000013784 10/05/2013 TURNSTILL, Ben
Pers/282/05 04/11/2005 TWIGLEY, Alex David James
Pers/157/05 30/08/2005 TYMON, Mandy Partridge