Personal Licence Register - R

This information is provided under the requirements for the Licensing Authority to maintain a public register which can be viewed free of charge. The details of the licences can be viewed below.

Licence Number

Licence Issued

Personal Licence Holder

LN/000013741 Surrendered RAE, Julie - Surrendered
LN/000013450 10/02/2009 RAGHULAN, Suganthini
LN/000013451 09/02/2009 RAGHULAN, Vaitilingam
LN/000013659 25/10/2010 RAHIM ZADEH, Leila
Pers/399/07 04/01/2007 RAITHATHA, Ajay Laxmidas
Pers/315/06 14/02/2006 RAKSONGKRAM, Nongnuch
LN/000000035 29/07/2008 RANDALL, Katie Louise


17/06/2009 RANKIN, Anna
LN/000000043 28/08/2008 RANKIN, James Harold Donaldson


12/12/2008 RATCLIFFE, Julia
Pers/311/06 01/02/2006 RATTANSI, Nameer
Pers/239/05 20/06/2005 READ, Patricia May
LN/000000008 14/05/2008 REBOURS, Charlotte
LN/000013453 18/02/2009 REED, Frederick
LN/000013679 15/04/2011 REES, Natasha
Pers/76/05 05/08/2005 REEVE, Janice Margaret
Pers/489/08 25/01/2008 REEVES-STEVENSON, Julie-Anne
Pers/107/05 30/08/2005 REGAN, Timothy
LN/000013485 25/06/2009

REID, Brett

LN/000013647 26/08/2010 REILLY, Katherine
LN/000000044 16/08/2005 REILLY, Nicholas Michael
Pers/191/05 27/08/2005 RESCO, Manuel Parada
Pers/190/05 27/08/2005 RESCO, Sheena Florence
LN/000013814 17/02/2014 REYNOLDS, Alexandra
Pers/152/05 29/08/2005 REYNOLDS, Ian
Pers/430/07 27/04/2007 REYNOLDS, Linzi Anne
Pers/129/05 06/09/2005 RICCIARDI, Vito
Pers/229/05 24/06/2005 RICHARDSON, David Shaun
Pers/488/08 16/01/2008 RICHARDSON, Lorence Paul
LN/000013779 17/04/2013 RIDDLESTON, Philip
Pers/350/06 05/06/2006 ROACH, Paul Anthony
LN/000013760 17/12/2012 ROBERTS, Eleanor
LN/000013810 03/01/2014 ROBERTSON, Sharon
Pers/310/06 31/01/2006 ROBINSON, Caroline Alison
LN/000013809 12/12/2013 ROOTES, Daniel
LN/000013640 02/09/2005 ROPER, Malcolm John
LN/000013793 06/08/2013 ROSE MELO, Karen
LN/000013815 03/03/2014 ROSS, Sophie
Pers/236/05 16/06/2005 ROSTON, Paul Martin
LN/000013700 07/09/2011 ROY, Alexander
Pers/243/05 09/08/2005 RUGGERI, Francesca Angela
Pers/129/05 06/09/2005 RUSHTON, Claire
Pers/153/05 06/09/2005 RUSHTON, Scott
Pers/128/05 05/08/2005 RUTLEDGE, James
Pers/401/07 16/01/2007 RUTLEDGE, Sarah Hazel Margaret Mary