Personal Licence Register - P

This information is provided under the requirements for the Licensing Authority to maintain a public register which can be viewed free of charge. The details of the licences can be viewed below.

Licence Number

Licence Issued

Personal Licence Holder

Pers/335/06 18/04/2006 PACKMAN, Richard James
LN000013488 13/07/2009 PALMER, Mandy
Pers/479/07 29/11/2007 PANKS, Karen Lesley
LN/000013756 04/12/2012 PARKER, Michael
LN/000013797 02/10/2013 PATEL, Bhaumik
Pers/222/05 09/08/2005 PATEL, Dhimesh Chandrakant
Pers/216/05 23/08/2005 PATEL, Hemang
LN/000003418 23/08/2005 PATEL, Jayesh
Pers/122/05 17/08/2005 PATEL, Minakumari
Pers/218/05 06/09/2005 PATEL, Mukesh
Pers/238/05 06/09/2005 PATEL, Parimal Shantilal
Pers/50/05 29/08/2005 PATEL, Rahul
Pers/237/05 06/09/2005 PATEL, Rashila
Pers/109/05 20/08/2005 PATEL, Sarlaben
Pers/121/05 17/08/2005 PATEL, Shantilal Ambalal
Pers/77/05 20/08/2005 PATEL, Tarla
LN/000013611 24/12/2009 PATEL, Vijaykumar
Pers/108/05 20/08/2005 PATEL, Vithaldas
Pers/99/05 03/08/2005 PATEL, Yogeshchandra Maganbhai
Pers/42/05 12/07/2005 PATEL. Naishad Apabhai
Pers/453/07 25/07/2007 PAYNE, Elizabeth
Pers/223/05 19/08/2005 PERKINS, Catherine Barbara
Pers/159/05 26/06/2005 PERMAN, Jennifer Mary
LN/000013663 07/12/2010 PERRY, William
LN/000013442 14/03/2008 PEYTON, David Thomas
LN/000013709 06/10/2011 PINCHING, Ross
Pers/209/05 12/08/2005 PINDER, Nicholas Marshall
Pers/324/06 14/03/2006 PIOTTO, Elena Luisa
LN/000013641 10/08/2010 PLEASS, Wendy
Pers/452/07 10/07/2007 PLECHOWSKA, Joanna
LN/000013746 24/07/2012 PLESTED, James
LN/000013471 12/05/2009 PLUMMER, Colin
LN/000013474 15/05/2009 PLUMMER, Nicola
LN/000013613 07/01/2010 PONCIA, Vincent
LN/000000023 02/04/2008 PONFIELD, Emma
Pers/477/07 23/11/2007 POPE, Emma Louise
LN/000013652 16/09/2010 PORTER, Gregory
Pers/457/07 31/07/2007 PORTER, Lee Edward
Pers/326/06 16/03/2006 POTTER, Janice Janet
LN/000013634 02/06/2010 POVAZSKA, Perta
Pers/292/05 23/11/2005 POWELL, Leigh Christopher
LN/000013643 17/08/2010 POWELL, Tracey
Pers/313/06 01/02/2006 PROUDLEY, Roan Seth
LN/000008218 18/09/2006 PRUDDEN, Lynn Susan
LN/000008219 18/09/2006 PRUDDEN, Peter Michael
Pers/484/07 24/12/2007 PULLEN, Kingsley Michael
LN/000013768 20/02/2013 PULLINGER, Sam
LN/000013829 23/06/2014 PUTMAN, Kirstie
LN/000013477 22/05/2009 PUTMAN, Michelle
Pers/407/07 08/02/2007 PYLE, Christopher